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Don't Make the #1 Worst Wedding Planning Mistake


A young couple was planning their upcoming wedding and just like any other couple they were trying to figure out their “must haves” for the wedding. Unfortunately, one of the last things they talked about and factored in was the “photographer”.  They had no clue how to find a good yet dependable wedding photographer and they were unsure where to search online. They asked family and friends for recommendations and one of their family members said they knew a couple that did wedding photography.

The couple made contact over the phone with the photographer and were surprised to hear that he would do it for $200, so they booked him immediately.  The couple thought they were getting a good deal and were excited about the idea of being able to save some money.

The Sad Truth.

After the wedding was over and done with and the time came to see the photos, the couple was so disappointed. The photos were horrible… the pictures were blurry, over & underexposed and the composition was nonexistent.  A 3 year- old kid with a toy camera could have taken better photos.  The couple could not use even one photo to share or hang on their walls.  The couple has no wedding pictures to this day except for a few taken by those who attended the wedding.

The couple in this story was my me & my wife. To be honest, I sincerely regret not putting more time and room in our budget into hiring the right photographer. I learned the hard way that you get what you pay for.  As my kids get older they ask to see photos of our wedding day and unfortunately I only have a few I can show them.

A Worthwhile Investment That Lasts Forever

Having experienced the disappointment and regret that comes from hiring the wrong photographer, I make it my mission as a professional wedding photographer to make sure none of my clients ever experience the same thing.

As A Professional Wedding Photographer I Offer:

• Interview with the Bride & Groom to- be to get to know your story, your personalities and what you’re looking for to make sure I capture pictures that accurately reflect your love story

• Engagement Sessions

• All Day Wedding Coverage

• Professional Editing

• Customizable Photography Packages

I guarantee there will be no blurry images, missed photo opportunities, distractions or drama.

I capture more than just the people who were there and the events that took place… I capture those unique and one- of- a- kind moments, the moments that take your breath away. These are the moments that you want to last for a lifetime and it’s my job to make sure that they do. The pictures I take capture the essence, emotion and love that happen on your wedding day in a way that tells the story of your day without ever seeming forced, fake or posed.

If you’re looking for a high quality professional photographer to capture your wedding in a stunning and timeless way fill out the form with your information and I’ll be in touch.